Yolande, Seaford

I have had a few different yoga teachers over the years, but I find Rosie is the most beneficial.

Sue Moore, London

As a yoga teacher myself, in my opinion, yoga is best done in a relaxed atmosphere, in which to learn to breathe, release tension and move into the space that magically appears. Rosie is a great facilitator to provide these conditions, especially if you are new to yoga or not so keen on the western keep-fit style of yoga.

Mary de Pleave, Seaford

As an older person having suffered illnesses and injuries in the past, any apprehension about beginning yoga was quickly dispelled. Rosie has a calm, quiet approach and is attentive to individual needs.

Elaine Field, Brighton

I always look forward to Rosie's class at the end of the day, giving me time to clear my thoughts and totally relax. I have attended Astanga, Iyengar and pre natal yoga classes on and off for 12 years and enjoy the different aspects of Rosie's class from stretching and strength building balances. The classes vary from meditative poses to challenging poses to more fun poses. The session brings a much needed calm to a hectic day whilst Rosie also creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere leaving me looking forward to the following weeks class, I would certainly recommend her classes to all levels.

Rob Clifford, Seaford

Rosie is quite simply a wonderful Yoga teacher! Before I had a stroke I had 15 years of experience at Yoga and had achieved a reasonable level of practice.. Since my stroke Rosie has gently helped me regain my confidence, strength, mobility and balance. Her style of teaching is very calm & gentle and I always leave the class with a lovely glowing energy no matter how rough I was feeling when I started.

Emily Skye, Seaford

Rosie creates a light, playful atmosphere in classes and attends to each of us skilfully. Somehow she manages to both provide the clarity and gentleness needed for beginners, whilst never patronising and always challenging us to keep progressing at our own pace. We laugh a lot and improve at the same time!

Joanna Bremner, East Sussex

Rosie introduced me to Vajrasti yoga when she was my teacher on a yoga holdiay in Spain. Her gentle approach for me as a beginner gave me lots of confidence. Her knowledge of her subject is reflected in the way she teaches, by introducing the correct terms for each position as her classes progress. I am 'sold' on Vajrasti yoga, it suites me well. Since I returned to the UK I have continued to be taught by Rosie, as I love her approach, simple and calm, with a touch of fun.